Multi Shots (Over £35)

Rip or Roaring

RRP: £46.99
Our Price: £35.99

• Lots of different colours and effects
• Plenty of noise
• Ideal finale firework
• New for 2016

Hercules Mini

RRP: £59.99
Our Price: £39.99

The mini version of the award winning Hercules, once seen you will be astounded by the effects.

Ice Breaker

RRP: £51.99
Our Price: £44.99

Cool colours with vibrant effects to produce an outstanding firework for every occasion. 100 shot. CAT 3 FIREWORK

Neon Nites

RRP: £64.99
Our Price: £49.99

New for 2019 Low Noise

  • 50 Shot Low Noise Barrage
  • Bees or hummingbirds this effect is hypnotic and fun.
  • Perfect low noise and great fun for any display.

Magical Palms

RRP: £66.99
Our Price: £49.99

Improved for 2015, lots of different colours and effects, ideal as a finale firework, long lasting bursts.


RRP: £89.99
Our Price: £64.99

One of our range of display quality fireworks, with 61 shots, massive 30mm bore size and ef­fects such as Red Crackling Flowers, Green Crackling Flowers, Purple Peony’s, Green Peony’s, Blue Peony’s, Red Wave, Green Wave, Red Stars with White Glitter and Crackling Tails with large Crackling Breaks. Great cake, great effects, great value for money. A stunning firework with very impressive effects and perfect timing, superb.

Magneto Burst

RRP: £79.99
Our Price: £64.99

40 shot cake

rapid firing firework with colour and noise

Ideal finale firework

Firework Crazy

RRP: £99.99
Our Price: £79.99

The big brother of the mini, over a minute of noise colour and effects.

Nuclear Demolition

RRP: £109.99
Our Price: £90.00

Every colour, every effect, lots of noise, the name says it all.

The Big Show

RRP: £104.99
Our Price: £99.99

The big one, of colour, effects, noise this one has everything.


RRP: £130.00
Our Price: £99.99

• Fast rapid firing firework.
• Very loud.
• Ideal for finale firework.
• 107 Shots

Awakening (x3)

RRP: £229.00
Our Price: £179.99

• Duel fused firework
• Combined straight and fanned
• Effects are used in this outstanding firework
• Awakening is not to be missed