Selection Boxes

Bonfire Deluxe

RRP: £32.99
Our Price: £14.99

Selection of smaller Garden Fireworks

  • Contains 13 Fireworks
  • Fountains, Roman Candles and Catherine Wheels
  • All Low Noise

Guys Box

RRP: £34.99
Our Price: £24.99

Featuring much larger fireworks than any traditional garden selection box, the Garden Bag is perfect for those smaller outdoor spaces, while still providing immense effects. Features a selection of mines, fountains and multi-shot barrages. Contains 13 fireworks


Special Offer

RRP : £34.99
Our Price : £13.99

• Wide range of fountains, candles, cones, and wheels
• A 100 shot barrage. Powder weight in box 359
• Does include loud crackling


Special Offer

RRP: £39.99
Our Price: £15.99

• Contains 21 Fireworks
• Fountains, roman candles, Cones, Wheels and Barrages
• Cat 2 fireworks suitable for all gardens. Powder weight in box 406.

Garden Bag

RRP: £59.99
Our Price: £44.99

The Garden bag selection box launches waves after waves of vivid colours and effects. Contains 21 fireworks

Bonfire Mega Mix

RRP: £89.99
Our Price: £49.99

Selection of Garden Fireworks

  • Contains 33 Fireworks
  • Fountains, Roman Candles, Catherine Wheels and small barrages
  • All Low Noise